161mc: Write 2016


I am really determined to start writing more this year after Matthew’s lecture and this has, quite fortuitously, coincided with the start of my advantage plus module, Creative Writing. Our tutor Amanda Smyth, author of Black Rock, is really inspiring and has plenty of ideas for improving our writing habits. This Christmas I got two beautiful notebooks, as gifts from some very lovely friends, and I am hoping to fill them with script ideas, poems and short stories.

I already have an idea for a poem that I would like to write called ‘Seed’. The poem talks about the planting of a seed in the garden by a pregnant woman and her hopes and fears for the growth of her plant/tree reflect the hopes and fears she has for her unborn child and it’s future.

In both scriptwriting and creative writing we are continually reminded to ‘show don’t tell’. Below is an exercise where we were asked to show our audience that a grandmother has arrived home drunk, using actions rather than words:


I am also looking at music for inspiration as well as photographs and paintings. Writing about the situations they conjured up and ‘what might happen next’ scenarios.

I love the idea of juxtaposition, putting our characters in a setting that seems alien to their current dilemma.


i have also bought some books on writing. The two pictured below are my firm favourites so far. The Pocket Muse is jam packed full of great ideas to get you putting pen to paper and develop ‘a writing habit’. This is the just volume 1, so once I’ve worked my way through it  I’m hoping to pick up volume 2 too. Likely Stories is a truly amazing little book. Hidden within several witty short stories, about our author meeting a mystical Guru, are the most sparkling gems of story writing advice from Scottish writer Hugh Scott.



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