161MC: ‘forget about perfection’

This advice really struck a chord with me today. a lot of the time i talk myself out of writing. often i only have a small snippet of an idea and i feel it needs to be complete and whole before i put it to paper or, even worse, unleash it on the internet for anyone and everyone to see and judge. but i am beginning to grow in confidence with this. after months of having this blog my viewing figures are low enough to not really have to worry about disappointing too many people. in the last 10 days my blog has had exactly 3 visitors and, i’m pretty sure, at least two of them were probably me checking views on my phone.


i have started to write as i think things. i upload them on here and then go back and refine posts when i have more time or think of something else to add. so you may come across a lot of posts with only a few words or sentences that don’t seem to make much sense. rest assured i will be revisiting these posts and amending them. i know, in reality, these should probably stay as drafts, where the general public doesn’t have to suffer them, but this way i feel more pressure to actually go back and complete each one. otherwise it’s all too easy to give up and just shelve an incomplete idea altogether and, besides, one of my three visitors might be eagerly awaiting what i write next 🙂


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