“For a few minutes, twice a day, at precisely seven in the morning and seven in the evening, a receptionist and a security guard meet to swap ownership of a desk.”

I listened to this story over the weekend and I absolutely love it. It think it links back to ideas I had after watching the booth at the end. Again the narrative is set in just one small location. This time a reception desk rather than a booth in a diner. But the parameters are even more limited here as the narrative mainly concentrates on the 30 second to two minute exchange between people as they handover job roles at 7am and 7pm each day.  John Finnemore writes so well to reveal so much about each character’s personality in such a short space of time. The story is funny and clever without becoming too cheesy.

After thinking more about both these influences I have come up with a vague idea for a short film where we see a snapshot section of a man’s life, at the exact same time for 2 minutes every day, where he is visiting different families and helping them and we see nothing but kindness and generosity from the man. I’m sure there is a film with a similar premise about a girl doing good deeds that is called Amelie? I am going to research a little about it and update this post with more ideas soon.


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