160mc: Presentation final plan

We see a busy police room. People working on laptops, sat at desks. At the front of the room is a large cork board. In the middle of that is a map peppered with flags. Around the maps are photos of a man and a woman. All separate photos, never together. The pictures appear to cover a large span of time. From 1827 to the present day. Yet the people in the pictures look like the same two people? Different hair styles and clothes but definitely the same people.

A detective enters the scene leading a hand cuffed woman. we notice she is the same woman in the photos.

He sits her down and shines a light on her. He asks her where is Vlad, what has she done to him, what does she know? To every question she repeats the same words in Latin

‘Indocilis Privata Loqui’

he leaves Maria at the interrogation desk and walks over to a projector and starts playing some old film footage.


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