160mc: Seance

as part of the presentation we plan to have one of our detectives storm into the investigation room with an old box full of projector film. once loaded on the old projector we bigger to see several decades of different footage. the first being Vlad and Maria on stage performing a magic trick where Maris disappears, possibly 1940’s/50’s. the second footage is current time showing Vlad levitating and the final footage is set in the 1900’s with a group of people sat around a table performing a seance. the pointer spells out the name Vlad, the table lifts in the air and as it does so the lights suddenly go out and we see a opaque rush to screen image of Vlad’s face and then blackness.

we are hoping to use a rope to levitate the table and then we can edit the rope out in post production and it should create quite a cool effect.


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