160mc: Romanian folklore and festivals


if vlad was to come from romania we knew we needed to start doing some research, into the area and into local folklores and traditions.


are believed to be regional fairies who protect people. they have their own festival on the 24th of june, the Sanziene. girls from each village spend the day searching for the prettiest flowers and then plait them into a floral crown which they then throw onto the roofs of their houses. if the crown stays on the roof then there will be good health and harvest but if the crown falls………………..someone will die!

sanziene is also believed to be the most magical day of the year and the strongest for magic spells as the heavens between us and the supernatural world open up making anything possible.


is a mystical dragon and, depending on what region in romania you hear the story, has from three up to to twelve serpent-like heads.


have similar attributes to nymphs and are talked about in romanian mythology. they can either help or hinder the men they entrance.


a regional vampire or ghost. possibly the idea that lead to the myth of dracula. a female moroi is a moroaica. mora comes from the old slavonic word for nightmare.


a vampire/werewolf hybrid.


‘troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave’ (wikipedia.org)

we got some help from our friend Vlad, who is from romania like our magician, on pronouncing some of these words as we didn’t want to be saying them incorrectly. below we have how each name should sound:

Vlad Strigoiescu (stri-gor-yes-coo)

Maria Moroaica (mor-rai-ka)

and Vlad’s home town:

Sinaia (sin-I-a)



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