105mc: 72 hour challenge: reflections

Reflections on our documentary A day in the Life of a Taxi Driver.

  • Reflection-in-action is about critical practice. A journalist consciously making decisions about the angle of a story, the sources to be used, the words that are used to describe events and people based on his/ her understanding of the discipline of journalism would be using reflection-in-action.

i think we used reflection-in action in our choice of questions to ask each taxi driver. it led the interviewees down a particular angle. although the taxi drivers often veered off course telling us about things we hadn’t asked about, points they were passionate about. i.e. the struggles of a taxi driver, the costs and competition and little support from the local council. the fact that we chose to edit these out in the final cut and stick with our original questions leads to:

  • Reflection-on-action, which, according to Schön (1991), happens after the activity has taken place. This is the kind of reflection which involves thinking about your role in an activity, your thoughts and feelings about it, the areas that were well done and those that needed improvement and identifying ways in which to use this learning to better your performance or understanding going forward.

overall i’m quite disappointed with our documentary. i really like the beginning and end sequences and the accompanying music but feel our interviews let us down. we didn’t look enough into interview techniques and made the interviews appear unprofessional with our comments, ‘that’s terrible’ ‘wow’ etc. although i suppose this makes the documentary style participatory? the sound also really let us down. on the next project, if filming using our phones i would not rely on just the phones microphone to pick up sound i would bring two ederol recorders with us. one to get the interview clearly and one to pick up background noise, traffic etc. while filming the new movie Tangerine, despite capturing all the action on nothing but two iPhone 5’s they did take a professional sound crew with them, including poles and booms, to ensure they recorded the sound perfectly.


we also left out some lovely footage of taxi signage which i think could have been edited it while the last taxi driver was talking as there is definitely too much footage on his face which starts to become a little boring. the additional footage would have helped to break that up. i’m also not sure that the three block interviews work so well. i think it would have flowed better to switch from one interview to another and back as we asked each question in turn, to keep things a bit more interesting.

we definitely spent too long filming and unfortunately didn’t save enough time for editing.


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