105mc: 72 hour challenge : preparing to write the book

i’ve never written a book before and if i was going to i think it would most likely be a work of fiction rather than a media handbook so i thought i’d take a look at a few already written by professionals and the chapters they have chosen to cover.

Cambridge Film Handbooks Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange


a clockwork orange

cultural productions

an erotics of violence: masculinity and (homo)sexuality

stanley kubrick and the art cinema

music in a clockwork orange





Pulp Fiction by Dana Polan







A Long Hard Look at Psycho by Raymond Durgnat


developing the film

a long hard look at psycho

matters arising




each of the three books we looked at have a introduction and a bibliography so we definitely need to include these in our book

possible other chapters:

  • research
  • film development
  • music
  • editing
  • production
  • reflections/conclusion

key concepts to look at in relation to our short film

  • audience: who the audience might be and how might they read the documentary.

reality tv fans. 24- yrs? working class people.

  • genre: what sub-genre of documentary is it and how successfully it use the conventions of that sub genre, if it mixes conventions (hybridity)

participatory and observational

  • narrative


  • representaion

taxi drivers, all men, race? all over 40? we also steered the documentary in a certain direction through the questions asked rather than letting the drivers just talk about what they wanted to.

  • other: if it met the brief or not, how/why?

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