105mc: a day in the life……..


Preparing for our 72 hour project we decided to employ the ‘take a walk’ method described by dawkins and wynd in their 2009 book video production: putting theory into practice

as we walked along far gosford street we passed many interesting shops, saw several thought provoking signs and passed a lot of interesting people. here are some of the things that we saw and the ideas that sprang to mind:

the day in the life of ……..

  • a pizza delivery driver
  • an ice cream parlour
  • the lady godiva statue
  • a busker
  • the lady godiva clock (what does she see when she comes out for 30 seconds every hour)
  • a pantomime rehearsal (beauty and the beast is currently rehearsing for christmas performances)
  • a guide dog
  • a taxi driver
  • a dog owner

in the end we decided the day in the life of a taxi driver was the most interesting option and there are two taxi ranks near the university and a large selection of drivers to interview.

possible sub topics to look at or questions to ask:

  • how long have you been a taxi driver?
  • what do you have in your glove compartment (echoing what do you have in your pocket?)
  • toilets?
  • would you consider buying your own vehicle rather than renting?
  • have you had people not pay you?
  • have you felt in danger?
  • what hours do you work?
  • what time do you leave home?

things to research?

  • is there a taxi driver union?
  • is there a west midlands version of ‘the knowledge‘?
  • lady taxi drivers in coventry? could be a good angle

ways to film:

  • from the passenger seat getting a side angle of the driver
  • film the meter being switched on to start the film and off to end it
  • film from rear passenger seat at a diagonal
  • film taxis lined up
  • film taxis driving at night
  • film footage on the ring road to speed up and use
  • film traffic lights changing
  • re-enactments?
  • film taxi driver in rear view mirror
  • date stamp in corner at start of film
  • film view out of passenger window

links to look at:



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