105mc: life in a day

what do you love? what do you fear? what’s in your pocket?

i was really excited to see the film that answers these three questions as it is produced by

Ridley Scott

who directed two of my favourite films,

Alien (1979)


Blade Runner (1982)

this seemed quite different to other projects he had worked on. most of his other films were in the scifi or action/adventure genres.

Life in a Day (2011)

is more of a time capsule style documentary and was filmed by 80,000 ‘film-makers’ from 192 countries. 4500 hours of footage, cut down to just 90 minutes, to show what it was like to live on this planet on the 24th of july 2010.

music, but particuarly sound is very important in linking the different footage together and making it seem like one film rather than many small ones stitched together. even though that is essentially what it was. the footage is also grouped in several different themes. how we wake up to the world, stepping outside to our work day, new life coming into the world, how we get have our lunch etc. accentuating the differences but also showing the similarities. the women grinding wheat to make flour to make bread. a long slow process but they sing and seem very happy as they work. compared to the man waiting for his ready prepared sushi lunch to roll around to him on a conveyor belt while he simply sits there, bored, waiting. the people rowing out in the river to catch fish to eat and the barbaric overkill of the cow being repeatedly stun gunned and then having it’s throat slit. these images were all chosen very carefully to make us stop and think about our own lives.

life in a day very much reminded me of Vertov’s

Man with a Movie Camera (1929) – IMDb

like a 21st century update.



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