105mc: representation



1. The act of representing or the state of being represented.

2. Something that represents, as:

a. An image or likeness of something.
b. An account or statement, as of facts, allegations, or arguments.
c. An expostulation; a protest.
d. A presentation or production, as of a play.
3. The state or condition of serving as an official delegate, agent, or spokesperson.
4. The right or privilege of being represented by delegates having a voice in a legislative body.
5. A body of legislators that serve on behalf of a constituency.
6. Law A statement of fact made by one party in order to induce another party to enter into a contract.
7. Mathematics A homomorphism from an algebraic system to a similar system of matrices.
representation of women in disney films and film noir
in the disney film snow white, snow is depicted as a very submissive character. someone who needs a prince to save her, not capable of ‘saving’ herself or fighting back. she is very happy to spend all day cooking and cleaning for the seven dwarves and is just grateful to have them provide a roof over her head while she appears to take care of all of them. they are her surrogate children. back in the 1930’s this is very much the role expected of a woman.

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