105mc: this will go viral

today’s task was to make a viral video for youtube.

so we looked at what makes a good youtube video: short, funny, babies, animals, accidents and most importantly CATS 🙂

we didn’t have much time to shoot a video as we wanted to get it uploaded as quickly as possible to try and get the most views as we could for next week in the hope of winning coventry university’s elusive top viral video award. so used a video i had filmed a few weeks ago in my backgarden using a remote sj4000 to film a fox stealing the dinner off two cats. inspired by the infamous viral footage of the honey badger,75,403,850 views and still counting, and that’s just the origianl version, we decided to add a humorous voice over and we were done.

once we uploaded the video we sat down and started thinking of ways to promote it. without any promotion we’d have to be very lucky to found in the sea of daily youtube uploads, in 2013 youtube’s blog stated that ‘more than 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute’. we discussed emailing the video to some tv shows: ellen degeneres, this morning, the wright stuff, central news, the one show. and some facebook pages we could share it with: CUSU, the fox project, the band ylvis, of’ what does the fox say?’ fame. maybe he now say’s, ‘that’s my chicken’ 🙂 we also considered adding the link to our video into the comments under similar popular videos that already had a large following on youtube, in the hope of gaining some exposure that way.

on reflection i think we should have concentrated more on quality rather than our time constraint. with a better written script and a funnier vioce over i think we could have attracted a lot more views and interest. plus the choice of, almost, swearing meant we limited our audience of tv shows or sites that would be happy to share our product without possibly offending anybody.


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