160mc: Time Slice

i went to see steve buckshall last night at the warwick arts centre and he was using time slice filming to show birds in flight and sharks feeding. watching the footage back it really looked like something that could work well with our disappearing magician idea. Possibly for some levitation or filming the card tricks? so i’ve started looking at other examples on youtube and am wondering if i can pester becks about trying to help us set something up?

160mc: CofC initial ideas and influences

why has our character disappeared?

  • murdered
  • abducted
  • lost their phone and doesn’t realise people are looking for them
  • in a coma
  • had an accident and unconscience somewhere
  • on holiday
  • ran away
  • time traveller
  • magic trick gone wrong?
  • occult influnce- black magic/vampires etc

the group sway seemed to be with the idea of a magician. possibly a dissappearing stunt gone wrong or maybe killed of by a competitor? but we realised this had been done before, so to make it good enough to retell we needed to put our own twist on it.

so what about adding in a few other ideas? maybe the magician has links to the occult or is in fact a vampire or time traveller? a sci fi element could make our story quite different. maybe the same person has repeatedly gone missing throughout history, every so many years? but why? and is anyone else involved? a mysterious woman?

although not a movie about magic, the first film that, strangely, sprang to mind for this project was

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) – IMDb

i love the slow mo freeze frame scene on the stairs. which i thought could work great on a card trick and the banter of the shady ‘market trader’ could possibly work well for our magicians own speech pattern and drawing in the crowds?

the poker scene shows great tension and the dragged out dealing of the cards could be good for a card trick. i love the pull focus in this scene, which is a technique i think we could also possibly utilise.

going to try and look at more famous films/series that include card games as think we can work out some better camera angles, maybe oceans eleven, the hustle etc.

here’s some homework for me this weekend




jonathan creek could also be a good one to look at and some famous magicians acts. i remember an alternative style magician i used to really like from a few years ago and should probably also look at the filming of dynamo and david blane. in my head i’m imaginging the magicians act as quite dark, if we incorporate the occult books that links in with my CofC offering of a vintage book collection, so maybe the circus of horrors could also be interesting to check out.

I think the reveal about our magician having disappeared repeatedly through time could work like the big reveal about Keyser soze in the usual suspects, from (2.00).

160mc: My Cabinet of Curiosities


My cabinet of curiosities would be chock full of vintage books. I love them! I love to visit second hand/vintage book stores and find unusual old editions. I love their hardback covers, their pretty gold lettering or battered sleeves, their illustrations, their weight in your hand and their strange vintage book smell. If I ever had the room I’d love a library in my house with tall high ceilings and one of those cool sliding library ladders they have in old movies.


105mc: narrative



1.  A narrated account; a story.
2.  The art, technique, or process of narrating.


1. Consisting of or characterized by the telling of a story: narrative poetry.
2. Of or relating to narration: narrative skill.

a narrative is “a chain of events in a cause and effect relationship occurring in time and space”. Bordwell and Thompson (2010)

What is your response: dominant, negotiated or oppositional?

non diogetic?

105mc: Genre : Conventions, Hybridity and Interactivity

In our groups we looked at the genres we considered the below films to be in and then we looked at the genres IMDB had catergorised them in:

The Godfather – gangster/crime/action.     crime/drama

From Dusk Till Dawn – action/horror.     action/crime/horror

Man of Steel – action/adventure.     action/adventure/fantasy

Up – animation/comedy.     animation/adventure/comedy

Gravity – sci-fi/thriller.     sci-fi/thriller

As you can see IMDB used even more genres to catergorise the films than our group did! this really shows that in recent times there is a lot more crossover between genres. the ‘rules’ of genre seem to be becoming less rigid and more hybrids are now developing. as future filmmakers this is a very exciting prospect as it opens up even more possibilities to us.

My favourite film genre is horror. horror is a classic example of how genres crossover and often produce subgenres within themselves. for example: gothic horror, horror/comedy, zombie, slasher horror, horror/crime, horror/sci/fi, vampire, psychological horror and many, many more.

In the wes craven movie Scream the character randy quotes the rules to ‘successfully survive a horror movie’

I love the horror genre because it has so many different variations yet sticks to certain familiar rules.

  •  most of the action is set around a young central character (usually female)
  • most of the action is set at night and in the dark
  • the central characters friends are often picked of one by one ending with a big showdown between the hero/heroine and the killer
  • there are plenty of ‘jump’ scenes
  • the killer is usually unknown till the end of the film and when revealed they are often well known to the central characters and trusted by them.
  • you often think the killer has been vanquished and then they resurrect for one last big scare

I think these common rules make a horror movie familiar and comfortable for me. like snuggling up on the sofa with your long term boyfriend. but every now and then a horror film breaks away from the formulaic and surprises you and turns your cozy night in into a wild night out with someone you’ve only just met! a good shocking twist finale is what keeps me watching and the over the top, cheesy,’not so special’ effects of some horror movies is what stops me from getting bored with the same rehashed plotlines.

visual cues

western – cowboys, horses, desert, guns/gunfights.

structured reality TV– young characters, hair extensions, fake tan, parties, drink, arguments, crying.

saturday night entertainment show– bright colours and lights, big prizes, members of the public, familiar comedy/jovial hosts (like ant and dec/dermot o’leary), people making fools of themselves, large live studio audience


I used last weeks viral video as a basis for my storygami project. i think there was more we could have done with the video if we had had more time so this was the ideal opportunity to explore that.


I really would have like to have added a copy of the video minus the voice over so people could use it to create their own and a link to post it back up to make it easier for people to interact with, but i was unsure how to do that, as yet. a couple of examples by friends would also have been good to include as an ideas guide for people. i will discuss it with Daniel on monday and see if he can help make these changes so it works correctly.